Reliable technology for all formats

Whether you want to connect individuals or entire spaces, everything is possible with us. We advise you on the optimal configuration of your event and implement it for you. In addition to the extensive equipment at the venues, we work with leading expert teams  in planning and implementation when things get more complex.

Our solution for hybrid events

At memox, you can simply get started with your hybrid meetings and conferences and start immediately with all participants. Thanks to Clickshare, everything works wirelessly and if a cable is needed, we have suitable adapters on site.


A complete technology portfolio for video conferencing, presentations, meetings and more.

PA systems

Public address systems for speech and music including handheld radio microphones.

Plug & Play

Simply connect Clickshare and start directly. Adapters for all devices are available.

Displays & Screens

Permanently installed 135" ceiling canvases and several mobile 65-85" screens for flexible use.

Video conferencing system

Our display trolley with integrated Logitech Rally Bar offers a mobile solution

State of the art beamers

Ceiling projectors and mobile projectors transmit your content in the best quality.

Livestream, multi-site event, hybrid congress and more

We also offer complete professional solutions for your demanding hybrid formats, supervised by technical specialists. We are happy to help you with the planning, implementation and successful execution of your hybrid event.

Additional services

  • Simultaneous translation in over 70 languages and a pool of 8,500 professional interpreters for a wide range of specialist areas. Classic with translation booths on site or pure online interpreting as a low-cost alternative.

  • Graphic services for complete streaming website in corporate design, belly bands and waiting windows, as well as motion graphics, intros and outros for your hybrid event.

In-person, hybrid or digital?

Choose the right form of implementation for your event. During planning & organization, six criteria can be used to easily find out what is the appropriate form of implementation. After filling out the decision table, the result can be calculated with the evaluation grid.

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