Our unique memox equipment & tools

We manufacture our products ourselves. We have developed all memox products together with experts in various working methods, as well as with well-known furniture and equipment manufacturers. The products bring unique features in terms of use in meetings, but also in the efficient and flexible use of collaboration spaces.

General catalog

The unique feature of our equipment is its high multifunctionality. Whether innovative solutions are developed in a workshop, a classic meeting calls for concentration or all in one - our furniture makes it child's play to adapt the space to participants, objectives and approach.

Unique equipment, developed and manufactured by us

We make our own furniture to create a working environment that is both functional and inspiring. This allows us to adapt the space for each format to your individual needs and wishes.

Individual room solutions

Our equipment enables flexible use for different formats even in the smallest of spaces. This creates a unique atmosphere for your teams and a working environment that adapts to your needs at all times. We can fully adapt the memox Space to your spatial conditions and plan it individually for you.

Discover our products

The memox products have unique features for use in meetings and workshops, but also for efficient and flexible operation in facility management. From a single breakout corner or meeting room to a 2000m² conferencing and workshop space.

memox.wall - Whiteboard

With its gigantic work surface, the memox.wall creates new dimensions in whiteboard working - so that entire walls can be filled with ideas and inspirations or complex processes can be visualized free of spatial restrictions. The unique quality even solves the problems with the wrong pens.

memox.wall - Mobile whiteboard

Our gigantic memox.wall now as a mobile whiteboard. The memox.wall - mobile can be expanded and plugged together in a modular way, which allows a flexible and dynamic space design. The mobile whiteboard is equipped with our memox-Surface on both sides and is therefore writable, magnetic and disinfectable.

memox.desk - Desk

The memox.desk - Working is characterized by its versatile application and usage options. It encourages the adaptation of the working environment and enables flexible and dynamic collaboration. What makes our desk unique is the tiltable and writable table top equipped with our memox-Surface.

memox.desk - Workshop table

The memox.desk - workshop is characterized by its diverse application and usage possibilities. It encourages the adaptation of the working environment and enables flexible and dynamic collaboration. What makes our desk unique is the height-adjustable, tiltable and writable tabletop with our memox-surface.


The memox.cube promotes interaction with space, dynamics and movement. Above all, it inspires people to move and thus forms a decisive factor for agile collaboration. The practical and comfortable seating cube is lightweight, yet retains its shape. The cube comes in various great colors.

memox seating options

For agile working and variety, we offer the greatest possible design diversity with an enormous range of applications. With our seating options, we have found the best solution for every work mode. In terms of ergonomics, excellent seating comfort can be achieved for every use case.

memox.board - Whiteboard

The memox.boards combine the practical advantages of classic whiteboards with unique high quality and design. The magnetic whiteboards are frameless, timeless and aesthetic. They have a very high quality finish and are even acid resistant as well as designed for durability and easy to clean.

memox.bistro - Complete solution

Your socializing zone in the modern work environment. An open meeting space that creates an inviting atmosphere and offers opportunities to visualize flashes of inspiration at the coffee machine. The best ideas emerge in an informal atmosphere and with the appropriate privacy, you can focus entirely on the workflow.

Do you have any questions about our equipment?

Whether you have questions about the manufacturing of our products, are currently working on a project or simply want to find out more about our products - our interior design and architecture team will be happy to answer all your questions.

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