Think sustainably, act responsibly

Sustainability is not a goal we have to achieve, but a path we are committed to. We think sustainably and make decisions around memox responsibly and consciously. Sustainable action is the sum of many small decisions and a path that we take step by step. Only together can we create change and transformation to make this world worth living in for us and to make our companies fit for the future.

Official certification

Transparency plays a crucial role for us when it comes to sustainability. That's why we decided to get certified by ClimatePartner and to transparently disclose memox's entire climate protection strategy. With this step, we also want to ensure the traceability of our climate protection measures.

Three climate protection projects

Since CO₂ emissions still remain despite our reduction measures, supporting climate protection projects in addition to our own reduction of emissions is urgent and necessary. In this way, we take responsibility for the emissions we still emit today while continuously reducing our emissions. The impact of climate protection projects goes beyond emission reductions and are always development projects for local people. Both of our climate protection projects that we support are certified according to international standards such as Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) or Gold Standard (GS) and are regularly audited by independent third parties.

Climate protection project no. 1 Clean drinking water

This project in Eritrea repairs drinking water wells in the Zoba Maekel district to ensure the supply of clean drinking water. This is because many families have no other option than to boil water over an open fire using the simplest of methods. This results in CO₂ emissions and, depending on the region, ever larger areas are deforested. The project therefore also contributes to climate protection, as clean drinking water reduces the need to boil water over an open fire, which reduces CO2 emissions.

Climate protection project no. 2 Renewable energies

A significant proportion of global greenhouse gas emissions can be attributed to the burning of fossil fuels. The promotion of renewable energies is crucial to combating the effects of climate change and meeting the growing demand for energy in a sustainable manner. This project to promote renewable energies in various Asian countries supports certified climate protection projects in the areas of wind, solar and hydropower as well as biogas and biomass, thus helping to reduce CO2 emissions, secure energy supplies, create jobs and promote climate protection in the region.

Solar system

Climate protection project no. 3 Wind energy

Wind power contributes to the reduction of CO2 emissions worldwide, improves energy security and creates jobs, thus supporting sustainable development and the UN Sustainable Development Goals. This climate protection project we are supporting in north-east Thailand relies on wind power to reduce CO2 emissions. With 45 wind turbines and a total output of 103.5 MW, 232.5 GWh of clean electricity is generated annually. In addition to reducing emissions, the project promotes local environmental education and sustainable agriculture.

Plant trees

Trees are the lungs of our earth. They produce oxygen, filter harmful gases from the atmosphere and provide habitats for countless animal species. They also play a crucial role in the fight against climate change by absorbing and storing carbon dioxide. Every time you visit and rate us, we plant a tree through our partner GrowMyTree.

Grow my Tree

Our contribution to the SDGs

The United Nations adopted the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in September 2015 to work together to create peace and prosperity for all people - in harmony with the Earth's ecological limits. The goals range from fighting poverty and hunger or creating educational opportunities to spreading clean energy. With our measures today, we are already contributing to 6 of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

Want to make your meetings more sustainable?

From green power in our venues to regional partners to paperless meetings and delicious vegan catering. We offer a wide range of options and help you make your events more sustainable. Let our experienced teams advise you and experience how easy and uncomplicated sustainability can be with memox.